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Contractor? How MyCraft works for you!

You've scoped a job, and now it's time to get the ball rolling. Getting a proposal out and a job started with MyCraft is easy.

  • Click, "Start a Proposal" from the Home Screen or Toolbox.
  • Enter project information.
  • Select a MyCraft payment schedule or create a custom payment schedule.
  • Attach photos and documents that further detail the project scope.
  • Enter client information and fire off the proposal.
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What's Next?

  • Your client will receive a MyCraft email notification.
  • Client reviews, approves, and securely funds the project.
  • Proposal graduates to a project.
  • Start your project!

Once a project is funded within MyCraft, you're protected against non-payment. Sending payment requests, receiving payments, and staying on track with the agreed payment schedule is a breeze.

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iPhone Project View

'We do all that work and sometimes, we learn after the fact that they never intended to pay.'
It's hard to vet a customer upfront...
- Welder

Meet Jamie.

Jamie is a welder. He takes on large commercial jobs and has had to walk away numerous times without payment. In some instances companies he’s done work for have gone bankrupt, others have simply failed to ever pay up.

We can help existing business owners like Jamie vet customers before starting a job at risk to ensure they can and will pay upon completion.


My client never approved my proposed project?

All proposed projects remain in the "Proposed Projects" section of your home screen. That way, you can always revisit and retool the project details in the event the client wants to move forward at a later date. If the proposal isn't going forward, open the project and click "withdraw" to remove it from your homescreen.

Can I start a project that is not funded?

You bet. MyCraft is a great project management tool, it is not required that you manage payment within the application. However, completing payment outside of MyCraft could lead to no protection, slower payment, and more paperwork. Realize the application's full power by incorporating project and payment tracking simultaneously!

Which payment schedule should I go with?

The MyCraft payment model protects both contractors and clients by managing expectations, building trust, and most importantly, getting you paid on time.

Choose from one-time payments (100%), traditional payments (10%, 50%,90%,100%), and custom payment schedule.

*For a custom payment schedule, we recommend requesting a minimal deposit. This builds trust with a new client. And because the deposited funds are secured via MyCraft, relax knowing that you'll be paid in full when the job is completed.

Who pays the MyCraft fee?

MyCraft applies a 3% processing fee when the project is created, you decide how that fee is applied.

Should I attach photos/documents throughout the MyCraft experience?

It sounds hacky, but a picture speaks a thousand words.

Photos of job progress, materials delivered, receipts, and the like, will provide clarity and build trust with your client. Simply attach any and all relevant photos/docs to greatly reduce the chance of disputes down the road.

How do I request payment?

Simply visit your Tool Box or Project Page, fill out info, attach photos/docs relevant to payment request, send request to client, and get paid!

What if my client wants changes made or never approves my payment request?

The client will add comments and resend back to you for revisions. In a perfect world, the revisions will make sense and you'll revise/resend to get paid.

If a payment resolution seems unattainable, please refer to our info on payment disputes.

Is submitting a change order easy to do with MyCraft?

Sure is. Visit your Tool Box or Project Page, fill out relevant info, attach photos/docs pertinent to the change order, and send the request to the client.

The client will then receive and review the change order, approve and fund the change order, and MyCraft will automatically adjust the project value and the remaining payment schedule. The change order is then stored for future review if need be.

Can I write a negative change order with MyCraft?

Of course you can. Add a negative sign in front of the value of the change order. Once approved, the funds will be released back to the client.

Is there a time limit on how long a project can be open?

Per MyCraft's Terms of Service, there is a 2-year-time-limit from the date of original funding. If there is a dispute that has not been resolved within two years of the initial funding of the Project by the Client, then MyCraft will terminate the Project, and the funds will be returned to the funding party to be held until a final ruling is made by the arbitrator, at which time the funds will be dispersed pursuant to the arbitrators final ruling.

How do I close a completed project on MyCraft?

Upon all funds being successfully released per the agreed payment schedule, the project will automatically be moved to the Completed Projects section on your Home Screen.