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Are you a homeowner? How MyCraft gets your job done right!

You've met with several contractors, you've chosen one, and now it's time to get your project off the ground. Inviting a contractor to use MyCraft is as easy as it gets.

  • In your toolbox, invite a contractor to use MyCraft in minutes!
  • Enter contractor contact info and fire it off! They'll be notified of your invite.
  • Your contractor will receive a MyCraft email notification, from there they can create a project in MyCraft and send for your approval.
  • Upon approval, fund the project and get started!
Get Started

Receive a project from a contractor but not sure what to do next? Approving and funding a project is easy!

  • Ensure you agree with the details provided for the project.
  • Review, approve, and securely fund the project payment schedule.
  • Once you approve, your project is live! MyCraft makes it easy to view details and progress of your project along the way.
  • If something needs to be corrected, simply respond with comments to align with your contractor before approving the project.
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iPhone Project View

I feel like I’m stuck with this guy, starting over with someone new could cost even more...
- Homeowner

Meet Sandra.

Sandra is a resident of a small town in Ohio. She has 35 acres of land and wanted a barn constructed on her property. After nearly three years, she is still awaiting completion of the project, having spent over $60k more than she was initially quoted.

We can help ensure Sandra has more control over the completion and quality of the work for which she’s paying.


What happens if I never approve a project?

The project will remain in the Proposed Project section. Feel free to revisit for future approval.

Will payments go through without my approval?

Not a chance. MyCraft empowers the homeowner to review and approve payment requests before funds can be released.

What if I don’t feel comfortable releasing funds for a payment request?

We get it! Feel free to add comments, request a revision, and send off to your contractor for further review.

In a perfect world, the revisions will make sense, and you’ll gladly release funds. If a payment resolution seems unattainable, please refer to our info on payment disputes.

What is a change order and do I have to approve it?

Change orders document a modification to the original price and scope of work.

Only a contractor can propose a change order. Upon receiving a change order, you can review, approve, and fund the change order. If you find discrepancies in the change order, comment and resend back to your contractor for your ultimate approval.

How do I close a completed project on MyCraft?

Upon all funds being successfully released per the agreed payment schedule, the project will automatically be moved to the Completed Projects section on your Home Screen.