Minimize your risk and start from a place of trust.

MyCraft helps build trust between contractors and homeowners. Our technology platform facilitates project management, protects and expedites payments, and improves contractor-homeowner interactions.

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    Simple Design, Powerful Features, Successful Projects

    Easily create, send and manage proposals.


    Eliminate the risk of non-payment. Project funds can be secured upfront, and released as you hit project milestones!

    Change Orders

    Send a change order in seconds. The homeowner can approve and fund it instantly.

    Photos and Documents

    Show progress and share project information! Add photos and documents to your projects easily.

    MyCraft Features
    Secured Project Funds

    Build trust, win more jobs, and guarantee payment for completed work.

    Project Management

    MyCraft's intuitive design allows you and the homeowner to easily manage projects and their documentation in one place.

    Homeowner Management

    No more searching calls/texts for the homeowner details! Contact information is stored within their project so you can contact them with one click.

    Project Chat

    Improve communication and clarity with the homeowners through a simple project-based chat!

    Our Core Beliefs

    Our goal is to use technology to improve the quality of interactions between contractors and their customers - starting with payment. By providing a mutually-beneficial solution for both parties, we can build trust in the home or commercial improvement process and vastly improve how funds are exchanged and business is done.

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    Mission: Build Trust

    Trust is essential to a successful project. This philosophy guides everything we do in delivering impactful solutions for contractors and homeowners.

    Design Philosophy

    Simple. Powerful. The information and tools you need for successful projects, all in one place.

    MyCraft is an easy-to-use platform that tracks payment schedules and jobsite progress all in one hyper-organized place.

    Homeowners: Build Trust and gain protection from non-performance. Here is how...

    Contractors: Build trust, get paid faster, and gain protection from non-payment. Here is how...

    Payment Terms Agreed
    Agree to terms and payment schedule
    Buyer Funds
    Buyer funds their project through MyCraft
    Services Provided
    Services provided per scope
    Buyer Approval
    Buyer approves project milestones and completion
    Release Funds
    MyCraft releases funds to service provider per agreed upon schedule