Building Trust in the Trades

MyCraft helps minimize risk in home construction by ensuring seamless payment experiences, simple project tracking, and transparent client communication.

Meet the MyCraft team and see how they are changing how contractors manage projects

Our Mission

MyCraft’s mission is to build trust in the trades by using technology to improve the quality of interactions between contractors and their customers.

Our Guiding Principles

Create the right tools to improve the lives of our users.

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  • Simple Technology

    At MyCraft, we create simple, accessible tools to improve your business.

  • Transparent Communication

    We believe transparency between contractors and homeowners is the key to a successful project.

  • Improved Payments

    We create flexible, secure payment options that meet your clients where they are and ensure you get paid quickly and easily.

Meet Our Team

Our team at MyCraft is comprised of seasoned professionals with deep roots in the industry. Their combined experience in the trades and technology sectors forms the foundation of our innovative approach, ensuring every solution we offer is grounded in real-world understanding and expertise.

MyCraft Is Always With You

With MyCraft’s mobile-friendly platform, manage your projects on-the-go. Stay connected and in control, no matter where your work takes you.

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MyCraft Solutions Empowers Contractors and Customers to Manage Their Projects Effectively.