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With MyCraft, contractors can easily create and manage professional proposals, invoices, and change orders. Streamline your workflow, save time, and impress your clients with our intuitive and user-friendly platform.

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Streamline your proposal, invoicing, and project management process with MyCraft's intuitive platform. Communicate with clients in real-time, track project progress, and get paid instantly for completed work.

Meet Jamie.

As a welder, Jamie has had to walk away numerous times without payments for work he’s completed. In some instances, the client felt the work wasn’t done to their expectation, other times, the customer simply failed to pay for the work done.

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    MyCraft Makes Getting Paid Easy! 

    "It's hard to vet a customer upfront. We do all that work and sometimes learn after the fact, they can't pay."

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    How MyCraft Works For Contractors

    Using MyCraft is easy!  Choose between traditional invoicing or upfront funding based on mutual agreement with your client. Track project progress and handle payments within the MyCraft platform. Whether it's releasing pre-funded amounts or sending invoices, MyCraft ensures payments are secure and timely, making it an ideal choice for contractors seeking efficiency in their construction projects.

    Using MyCraft is Easy!

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